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In the Beginning...Was the Command Line

by Stephenson, Neal


Data Smog

by Shenk, David



by Blum, Andrew


Oracle 24x7 Tips and Techniques

by Devraj, Venkat S.


Oracle XML Handbook

by Chang, Ben

July 2000


Oracle8i SQLJ Programming

by Morisseau-Leroy, Nirva

February 1999


How to Do Everything with Your Pocket PC and Handheld PC

by McPherson, Frank

December 2000


Schaum's Outline of XML

by Tittel, Ed


Resumes for Computer Careers, Second Edition

by Books, The Editors of VGM Career


Opportunities in Computer Careers

by Burns, Julie Kling


Java: A Beginner's Guide, Third Edition

by Schildt, Herbert


How to Do Everything with PHP and MySQL

by Vaswani, Vikram


Solaris 10 The Complete Reference

by Watters, Paul

September 2005


Car Stereo Cookbook

by Rumreich, Mark


Databases Demystified

by Oppel, Andrew


Data Structures Demystified

by Keogh, Jim


C++ Demystified

by Kent, Jeff


Java Demystified

by Keogh, Jim


Personal Computing Demystified

by Long, Larry

August 2004


Home Networking Demystified

by Long, Larry


JavaScript Demystified

by Keogh, Jim


ASP.NET 2.0 Demystified

by Keogh, Jim


How to Do Everything with Adobe InDesign CS

by Bergsland, David

December 2004


How to Do Everything with iLife '04

by Hart-Davis, Guy


How to Do Everything with Musicmatch

by Broida, Rick

May 2004


How to Do Everything with Dreamweaver

by Meadhra, Michael


How to Do Everything with Macromedia Flash

by Blake, Bonnie

November 2006



32470 books found for Computing & Information

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