Poe (2011)

In Poe brilliant and wealthy Dr. Andrew Casey (David Fine Rent The Red Door) is a serial killer who goes by the name The Chef. One night eleven years ago his wife found out. He was arrested and imprisoned at Marathon County Asylum for the criminally insane. Eleven years pass and he is released completely rehabilitated and moves to Los Angeles under the alias Mr. Jack Conway. Yuppie and former teacher Jonathan Poe (Stelio Savante Ugly Betty My Super Ex-Girlfriend) a descendant of the famed writer Edgar Allan Poe and a brilliant writer in his own right is about to form a bond with The Chef as the great doctor begins his spree of killings and cannibalism again. To obtain the bodies needed to satisfy his culinary tastes Dr. Casey along with his butler Mr. Peeples (Mike Iorio My Super Ex-Girlfriend) lures women to his home under the alias Mr. Jack Conway and under the pretense of meeting to discuss a well paying job. To prevent detection these women meet Mr. Peeples in public places where they are then driven by limousine to the secret location of the house. In some cases Mr. Peeples trolls the streets of Los Angeles in search of prostitutes for The Chef. Once the women arrive they are tied up drugged and eventually sliced up to be used for meat. His need for notoriety causes Dr. Andrew Casey to seek out writer Jonathan Poe. With an offer to write a biography for a wealthy client Poe is intrigued and agrees to the assignment. Once at the house Poe is forced to witness all manner of horrors without the ability to either escape or help the women who have been captured. Resigned to his fate Poe takes up the task at hand and begins writing the biography. When naked torsos begin turning up in and around the Los Angeles area police Detectives Victor Ramirez (Sal Landi Cold Case For the Boys) Jonah Jonzy Jones (Greg Travis Rob Zombies Halloween 2) along with forensic pathologist Amy Short (Felissa Rose Sleepaway Camp) begin the task of searching for this most troublesome serial killer. As the clues mount and their efforts intensify the police are led to believe they have their suspect in middle aged Aaron Cameron (Gene Silvers Law and Order Third Watch). A loner who lives with his alcoholic mother (Maray Ayres General Hospital) and finally snaps after one too many abuses from her and kills her in a fit of rage. He contacts the police stating his crime and is immediately arrested. With similarities between his killing of his mother and the work of The Chef Aaron is initially thought to be the prime suspect in the serial killings. However after extensive interrogation by Detective Ramirez his story of horror and abomination is revealed and the potential serial killer is identified. Can the police reach the killer in time or will yet more women be reduced to meat The fast paced thrilling conclusion will leave audiences gasping. When all is said and done only Jonathan Poe is left to tell the tale.

Actors: David Fine Stelio Savante
Director: Francis Xavier
Writer: Francis Xavier
Rated: R
80 minutes (Uploaded 8 years ago)

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