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CHASING SPENCER is an 8 part half hour docu-series following up and coming Nascar driver Spencer Gallagher. Shot verite style we follow Spencer during his rookie season as he immerses himself in this high-octane national pastime racing in Nascars K&N Pro Series. Each episode follows Spencer both on and off the course as he begins to understand what it means to be part of a crew part of a team and all the responsibilities that come along with the sport. The fact that his father is also the team owner creates a dynamic that is unique to the series as Spencer battles the ovals the egos and the wrecks


Series Episode: EP03
Fighting bad weather and Spencer's attitude the team prepares for a road course race. Road Courses are Spencer's favorite and he shows it with a good qualifying run. Spencer survives some early mistakes and a wreck fest only to run out of gas on the last lap of the race while in 5th. "What might have been " doesn't haunt the team but gives everyone proof that Spencer can pass cars and compete at the top. It's just what the team needed and as Spencer puts it gives him "unequivocal redemption".
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