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CHASING SPENCER is an 8 part hour docu-series following up and coming Nascar driver Spencer Gallagher. Shot verite style we follow Spencer during his rookie season as he immerses himself in this high-octane national pastime racing in Nascars K&N Pro Series. Each episode follows Spencer both on and off the course as he begins to understand what it means to be part of a crew part of a team and all the responsibilities that come along with the sport. The fact that his father is also the team owner creates a dynamic that is unique to the series as Spencer battles the ovals the egos and the wrecks Spencers journey begins in Las Vegas as we are introduced to TJ Clark Spencers mentor and coach. TJ once a racer himself was also the father of racing phenom Spencer Clark who died in an ill fated off track car accident at the age of 19 years old. Coming back to the sport after this terrible tragedy proves therapeutic to Clark as he guides and shapes Gallaghers career. The team believes that Spencer has what it takes to go for Rookie of the Year and with each twist and turn on the courses he learns what it takes to keep up with the big boys at 200 mph Spencer is challenged both mentally and physically as he realizes that some of his early victories racing in the Legend and Bandalero series early in his career has only partially prepared him for the intensity of what it takes to compete in NASCAR. The series showcases Spencers growth both as a man and as a driver as his relationships are tested and ultimately strengthened through his experiences on the track. This family friendly series reflects the will and determination that a driver needs to ultimately succeed in this beloved American tradition.


Series Episode: EP08
Returning to Phoenix for the last race of the year Spencer hopes to wipe out the memories of their previous crash here in week 1. Now a seasoned driver Spencer shows patience and skill weaving his way from 35th place all the way up to 18th. Within reach of a top 10 finish their hopes are dashed again by another rookie drivers mistake. Even with a totaled car there is hard evidence that Spencer should be in the top 10 of every race and the team rally's to that fact. With racing over we join TJ and his family for daughter Candace's wedding in Lake Tahoe. TJ reveals that his family needs him now and will relinquish his day-to-day duties as Spencer's Coach and mentor to that of advisor. A heartfelt goodbye to a trusted friend caps the end of this season. At his home track Spencer is favored to run well and indeed he does for quite some time till a wreck in front of him leaves him nowhere to hide. Once again he's forced to watch the checkered flag from the pits taking home another wrecked car. Albeit this time his seasoned skills and attitude leave the team feeling extremely optimistic for Spencers second season.
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