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Cock'd Gunns is an unflinching rockumentary series about the worst band you've never heard of Cock'd Gunns. Led by the brothers Van Gunn (Reggie and Dick) Cock'd Gunns could become the biggest band in the world. The only thing separating them from their dreams is a total lack of work ethic songs a record deal talent and legions of fans.

Actors: Morgan WatersAndy King Brooks Gray Leo Scherman Inessa Frantowski Rebecca McMahon
Director: Samir Rehem
Writer: Brooks Gray Andy King Leo Scherman Morgan Waters
Rated: R

Series Episode: EP01
SideTick.TV presents - Piss Helmet Reggie reunites with his brother Dick and the Gunns play their first gig. Reggie learns that drummer Barry doesn't know how to play drums and Dick learns that while he was away Reggie hired a manager.
23 minutes (Uploaded 5 years ago)

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