Braille (2011)

Nick is an aging blind man guilt-ridden after leaving his friend Michael behind during a previous diamond heist in Sierra Leone. Upon returning back to Australia after the incident in Sierra Leone Nick is arrested for diamond smuggling. Undiscovered by the authorities the most precious diamond is hidden inside him. Once incarcerated he hides the diamond in his prison cell. This is where he is blinded by the people he stole the diamond from. For 15 years Nick lives on alone and forgotten. The day he realizes he has cancer is the day he faces the regret and remorse for his friend Michael. He decides to finish what he started to get back the diamond he once hid in the prison cell. To complete the heist Nick enlists the services of three young thieves Renny the point man Zero the grease man and Dave the precision sniper. After years of guilt Nick is obsessed to finish the job he started 15 years ago.

Actors: Nicky Wright Renny Holder Zero Murray David Purton
Director: Matthew Chuang
Writer: Matthew Chuang
Rated: NR
90 minutes (Uploaded 7 years ago)

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