Fortune 500 Man (2011)

"Fortune 500 Man is a tale of one young man's dream to bethe CEO of a fortune 500 company and his roller coaster journey to achieving his dream. Small town top collegiate business savvy Brad Jankens enters the big city to get his start at an established company. After being rejectedmany timeshe encounters a few neighborhood knuckle heads sent by major business owner Riley Preston. Mr. Preston feels that Brad is a threat to his legacy and makes sure nobody else hires him. As Brad quickly gets tangled up in the mix with these misfits he is corrupted and falls deeper and deeper into the trap of loosing sight of his dream amongst crime brawls partying and women. Brad feels a pinch of self destruction that deepens until he has a run in with beautiful Jamie Christolf who's beauty and powerful words of wisdom enlighten him. With everything taken away from him except for his passion pridefamily and close home town friends Brad learns and realizes what he needs to do to ultimatelyachieve a blistering but fulfilling and wonderful journey. "

Actors: J.D. Amoro Carlo Astuti and Dewey Bonner
Director: Richard Ryan
Writer: Michael Marcelin (co-writer) Richard Ryan
Rated: R
81 minutes (Uploaded 9 years ago)

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