If you get the error below or an error very simliar then please follow the instructions on this page to get this problem fixed.

DRM error

In a web browser go to https://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/

which takes you to this page. Please click the download link. We added a red arrow below to show the correct link to click.

Silverlight Web PAge

Once you click on the link, you will see something like this:

depending on your version of windows this may look different. But click the run button and the software will download and begin to install.

You will get a prompt asking permission for the software to make changes to your system, this is a microsoft product, so you can safely give it permission.

after a moment you will see an install page like this:


We recommend that you Uncheck the boxes in the image above. then press the install now button.

Silverlight will then install on your system.

Close your web browser then re open it and log back in to sidetick.tv

then when you view a movie for the first time you will see this:

allow silverlight

You must select allow silverlight, and one final option will appear:
allow access
select "Allow and Remember"

At this point you should be allowed to view all the great content on sidetick.tv without any issues.