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In order to provide users with the best available customer service, please review the following frequently asked questions in order to address your concern before contacting our customer service team.

What is SideTick TV?
SideTick TV is an Internet site dedicated to streaming great movies and TV shows and exposing them to new audiences. SideTick TV is a source for audiences to discover and re-watch content from the best filmmakers of the past, today and the future.
What is SideTick Prime?
SideTick TV Prime is our membership service with special extras for members such as access to ebooks and unlimited free streaming of our non TVOD content.
What is SideTick TVOD?
Sidetick.TV TVOD is TV ON DEMAND. This is a great feature that allows you to rent the newest movies without the hassle of having to login to another service to do so. Sidetick will bring you the best new releases and put them at your fingertips to Rent and watch and enjoy for 48 Hours.
Why do I need to rent some movies?
Some of our premium content can only be viewed for a certain amount of time and need to be rented for a 48 hour period. You can rent by using tokens or pay directly with your credit card.
What are tokens and how can I use them?
Tokens are rewarded based on how much you spend on Sidetick each month and can be redeemed to watch premium content on SideTick TV. You get new tokens for monthly subscriptions and on the dollars you spend by renting movies & other purchases on SideTick TV with your credit card!
How can I join SideTick TV?
SideTick TV is a subscription based platform. Click the "Sign Up" Tab on the top left corner of the home screen. Enter all of the required information in the signup pages and complete the subscription and you’ll receive a confirmation email.
What are the system requirements for SideTick TV?
At this time, the Microsoft EDGE Browser is not Supported.

Content on SideTick TV can be viewed with the following: Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox, Safari and Chrome Microsoft Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Macintosh osX, Roku Player, Android and Apple mobile devices
Many Web browsers on Windows will require Microsoft Silverlight to be installed.
I get a DRM error Help!
Many browsers currently require silverlight to view our content.
So we made a instructional page that helps explain how to install silverlight and give your browser permission to use it. Please click here to review that page.
These instructions should fix your issue, but remember, we do not support the Edge browser, so please use firefox, chrome or IE instread.
How can I access my account?
You must be a member of SideTick TV by signing up (above). If you are a member, access your account by clicking the “Login” tab on the top right corner of the home screen.
I never received my confirmation email.
When you register with SideTick TV, a confirmation email is sent immediately to the inbox of the email address you provided. If it has not arrived, please: a) Check your spam filter as it may have been mistakenly tagged as spam b) Check the spelling of your email address during registration. If your email was misspelled, please try registering again.
How do I cancel?
Call our Customer Service Number (877) 731-8207, email us at or login and click on 'My Account' at the top right and then click on 'Subscription' and then click on 'Your current subscription status:' An email confirming your cancellation will be sent out after you cancel. Please remember to check your spam folder for the email. The customer service hours are 10am - 6pm, Monday - Friday, Eastern Time.
How can I pair my Roku device to SideTick TV?
Here are the steps to pair your Roku box to an Actively subscribed SideTick TV Account:
  • Go to the SideTick TV Roku channel and click on "Link my account now". The next page will give you a code that you will put into the SideTick.TV site
  • Log into your account at SideTick.TV
  • Then click here - SideTick.TV/pair/roku - and enter the code from step one
Am I able to Watch Sidetick.TV on my Tickbox TV device?
Yes! Sidetick.TV has partnered with Tickbox TV to bring you Sidetick TV content directly to your TV using the power of the Tickbox TV set top box. Please visit the Tickbox TV website for more information on Tickbox TV.
How am I able to watch movies on my mobile devices?
Due to the way Android™ and Apple™ devices handle our video content in the browser, you must download and use our app to stream our content on Apple™ and Android™ devices. You can search for 'SideTick' in the Apple™ App Store or Google Play™ and download our app, or simply click the linked Apple™ App Store or Google Play™ badge image found in our footer.
Why can't I rent/select some movies on the Apple™ App Store?
Due to the nature of how Apple™ handles online payments, we were unable to allow renting directly within our iOS app. What we recommend is logging into through a web browser and renting the movie first. Then you would be able to stream the movie through your iphone/ipad app easily. It may be an extra step to take, but worth it to enjoy streaming our premium content on your iOS device!
Is the system logging you out when trying to watch a movie or show?
Clear the cache in your browser, log back on and the movie should play correctly for you.

Below is a list of steps or references you can perform for the type of browser you may be using
    Internet Explorer : To clear Cache
  • Open IE, Press F12, then Ctrl + R
  • A pop-up "Are you sure you want to clear browser cache" pops up
  • Select Yes
    Internet Explorer : To clear Cookies
  • Open IE, Go to Tools -> Internet options
  • Under Browsing History, Click Delete
  • In the next pop-up window, Ensure Cookies check box is checked and click on Delete
  • Go to Safari > Preferences > Advanced and select Show Develop menu in menu bar
  • Go to Develop > Empty caches
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