Black Americana 2 (0)

"Murder in Swingtime - The real thrill of the music-short Murder in Swingtime (1937) is not the reasonably good orchestra but their spectacular large-sized singer June Richmond who belts out the number ""What's Music Got"". As a comedy short it's getting to be about time for something funny. Tapdancers in white tuxes add some flash and individuals in the Les Hite Band begin to catch our attention as something's going on. After June's number there's a Les Hite arrangement of ""Dinah"" during which one of the band members Piccolo Pete gets bonked on the head. He passes out into a dream of a jury trial in which he's accused of having murdered Dinah. One by one his bandmates take the stand and give musical evidence against him. The judge raps in rhyme between licks. Piccolo Pete is found guilty and told his punishment is to swing. Instead of swinging from the gallows however he goes front center of the band to swing his solo. An amusing wee film overall. Boogie-Woogie Dream - After hours at a nightclub the hired help have a jam session which proves to be just what a couple of belated customers wanted to hear. "

Actors: Murder in Swingtime - June Richmond Boogie-Woogie Dream - Lena Horne Albert Ammons and Pete Johnson
Director: Murder in Swingtime - Arthur Dreifuss Boogie-Woogie Dream - Hans Burger
Rated: R
32 minutes (Uploaded 7 years ago)

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