Black Americana 1 (0)

Mr. Adams Bomb - the upstairs border Adam Jones has been seen sneaking in the house late at night with round packages which starts the rumor that he's building an atom bomb in his room. There's going to be a party at the house that night and Johnson makes sure his police detective friend is invited so he can have a chance to investigate the possibility of there being a bomb in the house. Bubbling Over - a Harlem flat Ethel (Ethel Waters) works night and day feeding and cleaning up after her loafter of a husband and his exceedingly numerous useless relatives who've taken over the place without ever helping treating her as their personal maid. Open The Door Richard - A musically themed film cutting back and forth between Stepin Fetchit at home in bed and a jazz band providing the film's swing music.

Actors: Mr. Adams Bomb - Gene Ware Jessie Grayson Mildred Boyd Bubbling Over - Ethel Waters Southernaires Quartet Hamtree Harrington Frank L. Wilson Open The Door Richard - Dusty Fletcher Stepin Fetchit
Rated: R
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