Of Golf and God (2008)

Of Golf and God is feature-length comedy about Daniel a pizza delivery guy by trade who after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend accidentally summons God to his side to help him cope with the ordeal. But this is no ordinary God he's a foul-mouthed over-sexed "buddy God" that Daniel can relate to and play golf with. But despite God's help Daniel continues to sleepwalk through life until a chance encounter with Beth a cultured carefree soul and old grade school classmate has Daniel beginning to believe that there is much more to life than ex-girlfriends. But when a secret from Beth's recent past surfaces Daniel must choose between what feels familiar or what feels right.

Actors: Kristian Ayre Michael Teigen Sarah Groundwater Lindsay Marett
Director: Ryan Mains
Rated: PG-13
81 minutes (Uploaded 7 years ago)

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