Stash (2009)

STASH follows the misadventures of Jimmy Fox (Brian King) a good-hearted nebbish who hits on the business idea of a lifetime. For a modest fee he and his cousin Bobby (Will Clinger) come to your home (in the event of your death) and secretly remove all your porn before your spouse or children have a chance to find it. Jimmy calls the process PMR (post mortem retrieval). But major trouble is on the horizon. Jimmys long suffering wife Alice (Mary Kay Cook) is at her wits end. Jimmys in-laws the Bookenlachers (Marilyn Chambers and Tim Kazurinsky) are threatening legal action. But it all finally comes to a head when a mysterious client known only as Mister X (Jim Carrane) walks through Jimmys door. A sinister-looking childrens entertainer a man obsessed with clowns. Mister X touches off a deep-rooted vein of paranoia within Jimmy but when Jimmy finally works up the nerve to sneak into Mister Xs basement crawlspace the story takes an unexpected turn. In the end Jimmy learns that nothing is as it seems. Steeped in pitch black satire told in the style of mock Documentary STASH is a delicate balance of character richness and knife-edged parody.

Actors: Tim Kazurinsky Marilyn Chambers Brian King Mary Kay Cook
Director: Jay Bonansinga
Rated: R
27 minutes (Uploaded 7 years ago)

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