Legendary Script (2006)

Inspired by historical conflicts between various ethic groups in China (specifically the Hmong and Han) the first Hmong movie ever to be filmed in China centers on a tense battle that took place in the country over 1000 years ago. When a manuscript detailing foolproof fighting techniques is left behind by a master martial artist the race to recover it leads to a vicious cycle of fighting and bloodshed. In this society fighting technique dictates survival and the procurement of such a manuscript could mean the difference between life and death. But unbeknownst to those who seek out the manuscript is the fact that it's cursed and the secret to breaking that curse has been well hidden. When skilled fighters and best friends Yeng Tha and Seng finally manage to track down the Legendary Script they quickly discover that their struggle has only just begun. Jason Buchanan Rovi

Actors: Isha Her Rocky Her Yeng Tha Her
Director: Yeng Tha Her Ying Yang
Writer: Yeng Tha Her Ying Yang
Rated: NR
106 minutes (Uploaded 7 years ago)

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