"Warned not to reveal their identities even to one another four hit men are summoned to join forces for a covert operation by a complete stranger (Michael Madsen). Secretly observing it all from behind the scenes is the mysterious Mr. Hover (David Carradine in one of his final roles). Road of No Return follows the final nine days in the lives of four atypical hit men who are secretly brought together in a covert operation to fight the drug trafficking epidemic in the nation. But contrary to their cold-hearted facades the hit men are lost souls in search of redemption. When the hit men rescue a little orphaned girl from the hands of drug traffickers a close bond develops between them and the little girl that will forever change their lives in the most unexpected ways. "

Actors: Michael Madsen David Carradine Michael Blain-Rozgay Ernest Anthony Shane Woodson Jose R. Andrews Carlie Westerman
Director: Parviz Saghizadeh
Writer: Parviz Saghizadeh
90 minutes (Uploaded 6 years ago)

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