Weakness follows the life of high school teacher Joshua Polansky (Bobby Cannavale) whose world is crumbling around him his wife Elizabeth (June Diane Raphael) wants to start swinging his mother Lenore (Phyllis Somerville) thinks she has terminal cancer and his autistic brother Pete (Keith Nobbs) who resides at an assisted living home only connects outside of himself through baseball games or an occasional burst of anger. At school things get complicated as a love triangle of sorts develops between Joshua and his teaching colleagues the wise-cracking Bart (Josh Charles) and idealist Katharine (Lily Rabe) who only has eyes for the married Joshua. When Elizabeth leaves him Joshua retreats from his adult life and responsibilities and begins dating Danielle (Danielle Panabaker) a former student who has postponed attending college. Joshua

Actors: June Diane Raphael Keith Nobbs Lily Rabe Phyllis Somervillee Daniel Sunjata Heather Burns Josh Charles
Director: Michael Melamedoff
Writer: Michael Melamedoff
Rated: NR
97 minutes (Uploaded 6 years ago)

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