Prohibition-era America may have left drinkers high and dry but it was full speed ahead for 1930's gangsters In this action-packed comedy screen legend Jack Palance plays it for laughs as eccentric mob boss and bootlegger Vic Morono who owns a nightspot called The Four Deuces. It also happens to be the name of his gang of thugs Chip Morono the Deuce of Clubs (Gianni Russo best known for his famous role as Carlo Rizzi in 'The Godfather') Mickey Navarro the Deuce of Spades (H.B. Haggerty) Ben Arlen the Deuce of Hearts (Johnny Haymer) and Smokey Ross the Deuce of Diamonds (Martin Kove). Collectively they are The Four Deuces Boss Morono spends his evenings at the nightclub romancing high-society beauty Wendy Rittenhouse (Carol Lynley) and lovely songbird Lory Rogers (E.J. Peaker). Morono's only business rival is Chico Hamilton (Warren Berlinger) owner of The High Hat Club. When Morono and his gang hijack a truckload of illegal "bathtub gin" belonging to Hamilton he retaliates with a hail of bullets directed at Morono's nightclub. While the two crime bosses agree to bury the hatchet at a hilarious "peace conference" an arson-loving member of The Four Deuces turns Hamilton's club into a blazing inferno. The Mobsters have even more tricks up their sleeeves as the rivarly erupts into a full-blown gang war

Actors: Jack Palance Carol Lynley Gianni Russo
Director: William H. Bushnell
Writer: Don Martin Lester Franklin
Rated: R
86 minutes (Uploaded 6 years ago)

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