The Rugrats Movie (1998)

Based on the popular Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats this is the first full-length feature animated movie to star the little tots. It's the story of diaper-clad kids told from a baby's point- of-view and they were one of the hottest-selling toy franchises of the late '90s. The film features a hilarious musical number in the hospital nursery where newborns have the voices of major rock stars that include Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan's son) Iggy Pop Lou Rawls Lisa Loeb and Patti Smith to name a few. The story escalates when self-proclaimed leader Tommy Pickles is thrust into an impossible situation with the birth of his new brother Dil Pickles. This new kid is grabbing all the attention and won't stop crying. With the help of other toddlers Lil and Phil Tommy decides that the baby should be returned to the hospital for fixing. They all hop on their little wagon and take a high-speed ride straight into the deep woods where they realize they're lost. Chased around by animals (or so they think) the Rugrats clan must get home in one piece. Other celebrity voices include Whoopi Goldberg and The Rocky Horror Picture Show's Tim Curry as well as Saturday Night Live's Andrea Martin and David Spade.

Actors: Elizabeth Daily[Tommy Pickles (Voice)]Christine Cavanaugh[Chuckie Finster]Kath Soucie[Phil Lil and Betty De Ville]Cheryl Chase[Angelica Pickles]Tara Charendoff[Dylan Pickles]Melanie Chartoff[Didi Pickles]Jack Riley[Stu Pickles]Joe Alaskey[Lou Pickles "Grandpa"]Philip Proctor[Howard De Ville (Voice)]Cree Summer[Susie Carmichael (Voice)]E. G. Daily[Tommy Pickles]James Watkins[Voice Of]Tim Curry[Voice Of]Whoopi Goldberg[Voice Of]
Director: Igor Kovalyov Norton Virgien
Writer: David N. Weiss J. David Stem
Rated: G
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