Billy was a Deaf Kid (2009)

"The classic I hate your guts no wait I like you my brother is deaf lets ride a couch down the street love story. Billy is Archies brother. Archie loves Billy. Billy is deaf. Archie finds a toy microphone to cure Billys deafness. Sophie thinks its stupid. Sophie is Archies girlfriend. Archie loves Sophie. Sophie isnt quite sure about Archie. Archie Billy and Sophie find that the world is much more complicated than simple sentences. Can relationships rely solely on riding couches through automatic carwashes Is a toy microphone the cure to deafness And which is worse getting slapped or getting spit on These turn out to be very important questions in the lives of Archie Sophie and Billy. And finding the answers come at a high price. If all else fails duct tape a toy microphone to your head."

Actors: Rhett Lewis Candyce Foster Zachary Christian
Director: Rhett Lewis Burke Lewis
Writer: Ben Spackman Brent Burnett
Rated: R
89 minutes (Uploaded 8 years ago)

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