Land Of The Little People - The Power If J2M2 (Jajantaram Mamantaram) (2003)

In this corner of the mystical island of Shundi we have a cool drifter dude from Mumbai. A titan of good will and an all around giant of a guy Aditya has found himself on the island where the local villagers are ten times smaller than our hero. At first seen as an aggressor the tiny folk have now taken him in like an over-grown uncle adrift in this world. And in this corner we have Jhamunda who matches Aditya pound for pound inch for inch. This monstrously proportioned fellow is the magical creation of Chattan Singh who has his eye on over throwing the king and attaining the young beautiful princess. It seems Aditya's arrival has place a huge obstacle in the evil sorcerer's way. It's good versus evil folks. It doesn't get any bigger than this

Actors: Jaaved Jaaffery Gulshan Grover Manav Kaul Madhura Velankar
Director: Soumitra Ranade
Writer: Yogesh Joshi
Rated: NR
121 minutes (Uploaded 8 years ago)

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